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In the first month you pay only $2.99 ​​to have access to all our platforms, then you choose the plan  that fits your needs!

In our community we have 7 different types of membership plans for you to choose which one best fits your needs!

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Anyone can create an account on the zorArte Community as long as they comply with the Community rules.

Please read our Community rule Located Here, before becoming a member.

Yes, you can invite friends and family to be members of zorArte Community.

Yes, we have a community referral program.

When you refer a friend to the zorArte Community, we will reward you with a zorArte gift card, and at the same time you will be helping the ORPE Charity to fulfill its mission.

With the zorArte  gift card , you will be able to purchase any product  in our store, worth your gift card or if you choose another card like apple, amazon, or visa card you can use it right away.

See the zorArte gift card table that we make available for our referral program here

If you want it to be, yes. zorArte Community never share any of your private information with advertisers in any way.

Our advertise platform on zorArte Community allow you to tell us what you like, and that’s what we use to show you advertisements

We do not outsource our advertising to third parties. So, anything you do tell us stays with us.

You also have the ability to decide what other people see, including your friends and family.

zorArte has groups that you can arrange friends in, and display content based on those groups. You can also set permissions based on those groups!

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