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How Fees Work on Zorarte

By charging a simple annual membership fee and allowing up to 200 listings, Zorarte enables vendors to maximize their earnings and focus on growing their business. If you have any questions about the fee structure or need further clarification, feel free to contact Zorarte's support team.

At Zorarte Marketplace, there are no selling fees for listing your products or completing sales. Instead, vendors pay an annual membership fee. Here’s a breakdown of the fee structure:

1. Annual Membership Fee

  • Fee Amount: The annual membership fee is $76.
  • Membership Benefits: This fee grants you access to all vendor features on the Zorarte Marketplace, including:
    • Up to 200 product listings
    • Access to Zorarte’s marketing tools
    • Customer support services
    • Detailed sales reports and analytics

2. No Listing Fees

  • Free Listings: Once you've paid the annual membership fee, you can list your products on Zorarte without any additional costs.
  • Listing Limit: You are allowed to create up to 200 product listings as part of your membership.

3. No Final Value Fees

  • No Commission: Zorarte does not take a percentage of your sales revenue. All the money you earn from sales is yours to keep.

4. Payment Processing Fees

  • Third-Party Payment Fees: While Zorarte does not charge any transaction fees, payment processors (like PayPal or Stripe) may apply standard transaction fees for processing payments. These fees are typically a small percentage of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee per transaction. Check with your chosen payment processor for their specific fee structure.
  • Direct Deposit: If Zorarte offers direct deposit or other payment methods, the details and any potential fees will be communicated clearly during setup.

5. Shipping Costs

  • Vendor Responsibility: Vendors are responsible for setting and collecting shipping fees from customers. These fees should be clearly stated in your product listings.
  • No Additional Shipping Fees: Zorarte does not add any extra charges to your shipping costs.

6. Optional Services

  • Promotional Services: If you choose to use any optional promotional services offered by Zorarte to increase the visibility of your products, such services might have associated fees. These are entirely optional and clearly outlined before you opt-in.

Example Scenario

  1. Pay Annual Membership Fee: You pay the $76 annual membership fee.
  2. List a Product: You list a product for $50. There is no fee for listing the product, but your total listings must not exceed 200.
  3. Sell the Product: A customer purchases your product for $50. Zorarte does not take a commission from the sale.
  4. Payment Processing: If the payment processor charges a fee (e.g., 2.9% + $0.30 for PayPal), the processing fee would be $1.75. Therefore, you would receive $48.25 from the sale.


  • Annual Membership Fee: $76 per year
  • Listing Limit: Up to 200 product listings
  • No Final Value Fees: Keep 100% of your sales revenue
  • Standard Payment Processing Fees: Only pay the standard fees charged by third-party payment processors
  • Additional Features: Access to email campaign platform, profit margin calculator, digital business card platform, QR code generator, and Facebook marketing management.

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