Zorarte Informed Consent form

This consent form is designed to inform you, aspiring members of Zorarte, about the terms and conditions related to the use of embroidery designs and digital products provided by Zorarte. Please read this document carefully before proceeding.

Consent Agreement: I,aspiring Member of Zorarte, hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions set forth by Zorarte in relation to the use of their embroidery designs and digital products. Ownership and Copyright: I understand that all embroidery designs and digital products provided by Zorarte are the intellectual property of Zorarte and are protected by copyright laws. I acknowledge that I do not acquire ownership rights to the designs but rather purchase a license to use them under the specified terms. Permitted Use: I agree to use the embroidery designs and digital products solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise specified in a separate licensing agreement. Prohibited Actions: I will not resell, distribute, or share the embroidery designs and digital products in any form, whether modified or unmodified, without explicit written consent from Zorarte. I will not claim ownership of the designs or present them as my original work. Modification and Derivative Works: I understand that any modifications or derivative works created based on Zorarte's designs remain the property of Zorarte. I may not claim copyright or intellectual property rights over such modifications. Non-Disclosure: I agree not to disclose, share, or provide access to Zorarte's embroidery designs and digital products to any third party without prior written consent. Updates and Support: I acknowledge that Zorarte may provide updates or support for the embroidery designs and digital products at their discretion. Termination of Agreement: This consent agreement is valid until terminated. Zorarte reserves the right to terminate this agreement if I violate any of the terms outlined herein. "I know that my subscription as a member is voluntary and I accept all the rules established by the Zorarte community.”
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